New to Denver? Or have you been here for a while and just want to get back in touch with Theta? The Denver Alumnae Chapter is a great way to meet new people, try new things, and get involved in the community.

Founded over 100 years ago, the Denver Alumnae Chapter is recognized as one of the strongest Theta groups in the country and has been honored with both the Golden Kite Award and the Founders Award at Grand Convention. These awards recognize outstanding alumnae programming and support of the Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity. We hope you can join our membership and further enrich our Chapter.



By Val Stombeck Lunka, 2016 Denver Alumnae Chapter President

Grand Convention was delightful. It was an uplifting and celebratory event with nearly 900 Thetas in attendance. The Arizona Biltmore was a lovely setting and most did not seem terribly affected by the 113-degree temperatures.

The Denver Alumnae Chapter was awarded the Golden Kite! Our chapter also was a finalist for the Founders Award but unfortunately, we lost out to our sisters from Nashville. It’s still a great honor and I want to thank all of the officers (past and present) and the members who contributed to the recognition that we received. I was honored to be your delegate. Thank you especially to Jane Siekmeier for your leadership and excellent report!

Beta Iota won several awards and was beautifully represented by CEO Kelly Grega. So many wonderful things going on in Boulder! There was also a lot of buzz about our soon-to-be chapter at Colorado School of Mines.

At the Widest Influence for Good Luncheon on Saturday, it was announced that our goal of raising $5,000,000 was met six months ahead of schedule! This is the first-ever non-bricks and mortar campaign that the Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation has ever launched. Thank you to all who participated in this endeavor, especially Kendy and Jill for their extraordinary commitment to our Fraternity!

Denver and Colorado were well represented and I encourage each of you to take part in this incredible event! I am also very grateful to the DAC for providing the funds for Kelli and Jenny to attend their first Grand Convention! The 2018 event will be held at the Orlando Ritz Carlton, so you can plan ahead.



Lauded member of the Denver Alumnae Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta Jenny Hock recently was named the Denver Area Panhellenic Woman of the Year. As many of us know, Jenny has a larger-than-life personality that draws people to her. She has been highly engaged with our Chapter and the local Panhellenic organization.
All told, Jenny has chaired a whopping nine local committees, held three local executive offices and served at the national level as a member of the Foundation Scholarship Scoring Committee for 12 years. She also was Chairman of Denver Area Panhellenic. Outside of Theta, Jenny has lent her substantial talents and passion to a number of organizations including her church, her sons’ schools and various local non-profits.

“Jenny has been, and continues to be, a dynamo in our Chapter,” said Valerie Lunka, DAC president. “It is hard to miss her when she is in the room. She is one of those rare individuals who brings you in, makes you feel valued and wants to help you become engaged.”

In 2007, she was named our Chapter’s Inspirational Theta and in 2010, she was honored as the Theta Woman of the Year. In 2013, she was recognized by Denver Area Panhellenic as its Spirit Award recipient. Congratulations Jenny on yet another well-deserved recognition!

Four Thetas have recently won the prestigious Denver Area Panhellenic Woman of the Year Award.
From left: Scottie Taylor Iverson, Kathleen Markey, Kendy Cusick-Rindone and Jenny Hock.

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