2018 Denver Alumnae Chapter Woman of the Year –

Val Lunka

The Woman of the Year Award, established in 1973, is the highest honor of the Denver Alumnae Chapter.  The Woman of the Year is an active member of our chapter, with significant service to both Kappa Alpha Theta and her community. Nominations are accepted throughout the year, with the winner chosen by committee. She has the honor of wearing the historic badge of Edith Pratt, Beta Omega, 1937, until the next recipient is announced at Founders Day.

Please click here to download a nomination form to recommend one of your fabulous Theta friends for the next Woman of the Year. 

Past Women of the Year

2017 Missy Eliot
2016 Sheri DeCoste
2015 Allison Radcliffe
2014 Elizabeth Metz
2013 Karen Olson
2012 Caren Stahmer
2011 Mary Osgood-Plunkett
2010 Jenny Hock
2009 Bonnie McMullen
2008 Kathleen Markey
2007 Betty Dysart
2006 Marilyn Blanton
2005 Scottie Iverson
2004 Jill Pedicord Peterson
2003 Stacy Hayes
2002 Edie Bell
2001 Cathy Price
2000 Kendy Cusick-Rindone
1999 Winnie Ingalls
1998 Gloria Siekmeier
1997 Jackie Kremers
1996 Lydia Troxler
1995 Lynn Dexter
1994 Carolyn Cusick
1993 Nan Thompson
1992 Gale Van Ort
1991 Gail Karsian
1990 Shirley Smith
1989 Nancy Aitken
1988 Ardie Boswell
1987 Gene Koelbel
1986 Helen Mundy
1985 Connie Albright
1984 Linda Houston
1983 Billie Jackson
1982 Carol Spensley
1981 Mary Grace Washburn
1980 Alice Swanson
1979 Dorie Anderl
1978 Evelyn Cass
1977 Josephine Stansfield
1976 Gladys Bell
1975 Martha Fry Macomber
1974 Margaret Cunningham
1973 Betty Portner
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