Chartered in 1909, the Denver Alumnae Chapter today boasts more than 250 members from the metro Denver area. The primary functions of the group are threefold: to support the Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity both internationally and locally; to provide opportunities for social, intellectual, and moral growth of its members; and to make a positive contribution to the Denver community.

Charter Members

Jessie Edwards Barrett
Mary Stephenson Buchtel
Harriet Sperry Campbell
Amelia Perkins Cutler
Alice Plested Downer
Emma Agard Engle
Belle Sinclair Knowlton

Myrna Langley
Lida Miller
Halstead Ritter
Mabel Baum Smith
Joyeuse Fullerson Sweet
Carol Fowle Vossler
Josephine Whitehead
Lucretia Whitehead Payne Stephens 

DAC members receive Golden Kite Award at Grand Convention 2010 
2012 Founders Award and Golden Kite Award
The Denver Alumnae Chapter is nationally recognized as one of the strongest Theta alumnae groups in the United States and was honored with the Golden Kite and Founders Awards at the 2012 Grand Convention. These awards recognize outstanding alumnae programming and support of the Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity. Criteria are based on programs and activities during the previous two years. Appreciation goes out to all members and chapter officers for helping with these accomplishments. Let's achieve the same level again this year!
Grand Convention Chapter Recognitions
2014 Golden Kite Award
2012 Founders and Golden Kite Award
2010 Golden Kite Award
2008 Twin Stars Award
2006 Twin Stars Award
2002 Twin Stars Award
2000 Twin Stars Award
1998 Twin Stars Award
1992 Founders Award

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